Whitney Miranda was a pleasure to work with. She guided my husband Jorge through the entire immigration process. She was honest and fair charging a set rate (not by the hour) she also gave us realistic expectations of the immigration process (it can be a long and frustrating process). I felt like she was 100% upfront with us and never felt misled or misguided. If you are a citizen and you are trying to help your spouse get their paper through the immigration process I definitely recommend you call Ms. Miranda before you do anything else. She understands the immigration law and she will help you follow the CORRECT path to immigration. Jorge is now here with us and he is a legal resident!!!
-Annette, Mesquite Tx.

I hired Whitney Miranda to assist me with bringing my fiancé from the Philippines to the USA through a K-1 fiance Visa. The immigration process is not easy, and she was very helpful. Everything went about as smoothly as it could, and we were successful. It is a complicated process, and it is smart to have professional help. Whitney did a good job and her fees are fair. I recommend her services.
-Mike, Heath Tx.

My husband was born and raised in Mexico, he came into the United States with a Visa, after 10 years his visa expired. Worried that he would eventually be deported back to Mexico, we were not sure who to turn to or even trust to help us with our situation. After searching I found Miranda Law Firm and I am so glad we did! I called the office and was able to set up an appointment right away. We went to the consultation and after the first few minutes of speaking to the attorney we felt comfortable and at ease. She was very polite and explained everything we needed to do and the documents we would need to provide along with the process that would take place. Finally, we could put our minds at ease knowing we were going to be able to start the process of getting my husband citizenship. The cost of the whole process I must mention was much less than we anticipated which was very helpful. The whole process was very fast after we provided all the documents necessary, in fact the whole process took only a few months! Our attorney was available at all times and always returned our calls when we had questions or concerns. The interview with immigration finally came and our attorney was there the whole time to assist and help reassure us that everything would work out for us. Needless to say it all went smoothly and my husband was granted temporary residency, it was a very exciting day for us! I can't express enough gratitude to Miranda Law Firm and I highly recommend it to anyone that is in our situation or a similar situation. Take my advice and make the call, you will be so glad you did!
-Roman and Sheilah, Garland Tx.


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